At VEX Robotics, we believe that educational robotics provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities because it has STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) at its heart. Robotics improves students understanding of STEM fundamentals by providing a practical and tangible use of these concepts.

By using robotics in the classroom or as an extracurricular activity, students collaborate, think computationally, troubleshoot, and innovate - all fundamental skills for 21st-century learners who will become our 21st-century professionals.

Working in partnership with the REC Foundation, VEX Robotics delivers educational robotics competitions for students from primary and secondary schools all over the world. By providing an environment where students can design and test solutions for a real engineering challenge, we are strengthening the STEM workforce and teaching valuable skills such as communication, collaboration and time-management in a fun and authentic way.

Two boys working on a robot

We're working with the Barclays Code Playground team to develop exciting coding lessons using VEXcode VR which allows students to code a virtual robot with functionality just like our physical robots. They will be learning key computer science concepts such as sequence, selection and iteration as well as developing their numeracy and problem-solving skills.

By bringing coding to life through robotics, we aim to engage and inspire students who may not have considered computer science or other STEM subjects as part of their education and career ambitions.

Girl celebrating with her team after winning a robotics competition

VEXcode VR is free to use at home or at school and is perfect for primary and secondary school aged children. Visit to access VEXcode VR from your browser to access free activities.

To find out more about educational robotics competitions in the UK and worldwide, visit the REC Foundation.

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