Using digital devices

Get the most out of your digital devices and learn how to stay safe while connected with our free online training modules.

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Smart homes

This module covers

  • What is a smart home?
  • How do I create a smart home?
  • How to make your smart home smarter
Long haired man, holding a phone to his ear.

How to use Android smartphones

This module covers

  • Getting started on Android
  • Personalising your Android device
  • Downloading and managing apps
  • Settings and accessibility
  • Using the voice assistant
  • Storage
  • Test your knowledge
Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies

This module covers

  • Introduction to wearable technology
  • Using wearable technology everyday
  • Where will wearable technology go
  • Test your knowledge
Pink haired woman against pink patterned background - Smartphone Photography Course

Smartphone photography

This module covers

  • The basics
  • The skills

This course covers

What is a digital device? How do you use a smartphone? This course will explore how devices work in more depth, how to get the most out of your device. We'll cover:

  • How do you use an android?
  • What is wearable technology?
  • How to use smart watches.
  • Getting started with a smart home.
  • How to use smart technology.
  • How to take great photos on smartphones.
  • Editing and creating pictures with a smartphone.