Online money management

Digital finance courses designed to help you be savvy and safe while shopping online. Join our online money management courses for free today!

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Safe online shopping

This module covers

  • Getting started
  • Experiencing problems
  • Test your knowledge on 'safe online shopping'
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Saving money online

This module covers

  • Using the internet to save money
  • Being savvy while shopping online
  • Test your knowledge
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Financial wellbeing

This module covers

  • Introduction
  • What is financial wellbeing?
  • Finding support
  • Better financial health
  • Planning for the future
  • Test your knowledge on 'financial wellbeing'

This course covers

Experience our digital finance courses that will help you manage your money online. As we do more and more shopping and financial transactions online, it's ever more important to look after your money. We'll cover:

  • How to buy something online safely
  • How to get the best deal online
  • What is financial wellbeing?
  • How to budget and save money