Keeping children safe online

Learn what you can do to protect your children whilst they have fun exploring online with our free resources on internet safety for parents and guardians.

What Are Children Doing Online

What are children doing online?

This module covers

  • How are children using the internet
  • Benefits and risks
  • Communicating online
  • Supporting your child online
Social Media

Social media

This module covers

  • Using social media safely for children
  • Influencers and advertising
  • Social media risks
Online Gaming
In partnership with

Online gaming

This module covers

  • What is online gaming?
  • Benefits and risks of online gaming
  • In-game spending
  • Support your child with gaming
  • Careers in gaming
Mother and son completing schoolwork together | Digital classroom course | Digital Wings

Online education

This module covers

  • White Rose Maths
  • Tom and Jack
  • Educational platforms

This course covers

How do you keep your kids safe online? We'll look at parental controls, what kids are doing online and how parents or guardians can keep children safe online. We'll cover:

  • How children use the internet.
  • Benefits and risks of kids going online.
  • How children communicate online.
  • How children use social media.
  • Online gaming for children.
  • How to keep children safe while gaming.
  • Gambling in children's games.
  • Using the internet to help children learn.