Keeping your device safe

Learn how to keep your technology secure and protected.

What this module covers

Learn how to protect your computer and mobile devices protected. Helping you understand some simple steps to ensure the layers of protection and regular actions will keep your data and files safe.

Keeping your computer safe

Helping you understand some of the key decisions you can take to keep your computer up to date and safe. Create a virtual barrier to harmful files and connections on the web using a firewall. What a virus is and how do I protect my computer from them. Explore some of the risks of using your computer online and how to protect against them.

Protecting mobile devices

Explore the different ways to secure your device. Learn how to updating your phone keeps it current and secure. Protecting your data is important, we'll explain how you can achieve this. Knowing the risks and how to avoid them. Whether your device is stolen or simply lost, you'll learn how you can locate it and if needed erase your data.