Smart transport

Learn how different areas in the transport industry are using IoT

Here, we'll explore how different industries are using IoT within the transport industry, from the airports and planes you fly with, to the roads and cars you drive on. Specifically we cover

Smart airports

What is a smart airport?

How has travelling through airports changed since the introduction of smart devices, IoT and big data? We'll look at how IOT plays a part in sorting your luggage, checking you through security and tracking passengers across the airport.

Smart planes

What type of IoT do 'smart planes' use?

The aviation industry has been a key player in deploying IoT devices across it's planes. Safety is a big topic in aviation and we'll cover off how IoT helps with:

  • Passenger comfort
  • Efficiency with connecting to smart airports
  • Safety and maintenance of airplanes

Smart cars

What is a smart car? 

Cars are changing, with more electric cars and smart systems within. But what is a smart car? There are several different devices that constitute devices. We'll look at

  • Smart entertainment systems
  • Using IoT for parking and precision driving
  • How smart cars address safety and maintenance
  • Using IoT to increase efficient traffic flow

Smart roads

What are smart roads?

What are smart roads? How do they work? How do they interact with our smart cars? We'll look at how traffic is managed using Smart Motorways, as well as smart energy harvesting roads.