Getting started with the internet

Learn how to get started with connecting and navigating the internet and find out how to access some useful basic services

Finding A Job Online

Finding a job online

This module covers

  • Online job searching
  • Virtual interviews and communication
Accessing Healthcare

Accessing healthcare online

This module covers

  • The NHS App
Father and son, looking at a tablet, sat on a sofa.

What is streaming?

This module covers

  • Getting started
  • Different ways to stream
  • Test your knowledge
Communicating Online

Communicating online

This module covers

  • Methods of communicating online
  • Online ratings & reviews
  • Test your knowledge

Getting started with the internet

With so much out there, getting started using online services can be quite daunting. In this course we’ll touch on the basics of getting started on the internet, using different services and exploring some of the basics of the internet.

Who is the introduction to the internet course for?

Our getting started course is ideal for anyone who is new to using the internet and online tools. It also offers further help for those looking for guidance on how to make the most of the many different types of digital services.


Our introduction to the internet course covers:


How to find a job online

Learn how to use the internet to get your next job. This module covers where to find job openings, how complete online job application forms, and some top communication tips to help you secure your next role.

How to have a virtual job interview

Many roles now interview for their new candidates via video calls. This module is designed to provide guidance on how to prepare for and stand out in a virtual interview.

How to access the doctors online

From booking appointments to getting healthcare advice over the internet, this module will guide you through how to use NHS online applications to get medical advice when you need it.

Ordering prescriptions online

Learn how using NHS online prescription services can save you time and keep on top of ordering your repeat prescriptions.

What is streaming?

Get started streaming movies and TV shows via the internet with our introduction to streaming services module. Learn about the benefits of streaming services, getting them set-up in your home and how to stay safe while streaming your favourite shows.

How to watch TV online

Keep up with your favourite shows on the go with our introduction to watching TV online.