Essential digital skills

Get to grips with essential digital skills, find a device that suits you and learn how to get connected with our introduction to digital skills modules.

A happy couple choosing a digital device

Choosing a digital device

This module covers

  • What to consider when choosing a device
  • Choosing a smartphone
  • Choosing a tablet
  • Choosing a laptop or desktop
A woman learning how to set up a digital device

Setting up your new device

This module covers

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Setting up your laptop or desktop
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Couple sat on the sofa, connecting to their home WiFi connection

The basics of browsing the internet

This module covers

  • Connecting to the internet
  • Navigating the internet
  • Accessing online services
Basics Of Emails

The basics of using email

This module covers

  • Getting started with e-mail?
  • How to create an email
Wheelchair user using a laptop in their home.

Using accessibility technologies

This module covers

  • Using accessible options on your device
  • Making your device easier to see and hear
  • Making the mouse and keyboard easier to use
  • Test your knowledge on using accessibility features

Essential digital skills course

Where do you start when it comes to technology? In this course, we'll cover how to choose and setup a digital device, as well as explore how to access some popular services such as e-mail, browsers and making technology easier to use.

Who is the introduction to the internet course for?

Our digital skills course is ideal for anyone who is starting out with technology and looking to purchase a device, or recently had a device purchased but is starting from brand new.

Our digital skills course covers:

Choosing your device

What is the best device to get? This module will guide you through the different types of technology, from laptops to smartphones and what to consider when buying a new device.

Setting up your device

Setting up your new device can be daunting. In this module, we look at how to make setting up your new device from right out of the box.

The basics of browsing the internet

How do you find things on the internet? In this module we cover how to search the internet, use browsers and understand how you navigate around using your device.

The basics of using e-mail

More and more people are using e-mail. Learn how to set up your own e-mail account, manage your emails and send e-mails to others.

Using accessibility technologies

Many devices have different services or tools to help you use them easier. In this module we'll look at how you can make your device easier to see, hear and use.