Digital skills for business

Taking your business digital can be challenging but very rewarding. Get started on your digital business journey with digital training for businesses.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

This module covers

  • Understanding digital marketing
  • Market your business effectively
  • Test your knowledge on digital marketing
E Commerce


This module covers

  • Selling online
  • e-Commerce options
  • Test your knowledge on e-Commerce
Business Applications (1)

Business applications

This module covers

  • Cloud software
  • Types of application
  • Test your knowledge on business applications
Business woman on the phone - Keep Your Business Safe Online

Cyber security for business

This module covers

  • Why is it important to keep your business safe?
  • Threats to your business
  • Support from NCSC
  • Test your knowledge on 'Cyber security for business'
Utilising Data (1)

Utilising data

This module covers

  • Introduction to data
  • How can you use data?
  • Test your knowledge on utilising data
Business Data Privacy

Business data privacy

This module covers

  • GDPR & data privacy
  • Test your knowledge on business data privacy
Making Tax Digital

Making tax digital

This module covers

  • Making Tax Digital
  • Test your knowledge on making tax digital

This course covers

How do you use the internet for business? This course will focus on why you should use digital alternatives to do business and how you can grow your business doing it. We'll cover:

  • What is digital marketing
  • How to market your business effectively
  • How to sell online
  • Managing your finances online
  • Using digital alternatives to operations and staffing
  • Cyber security training
  • How to keep your business safe and secure
  • Using data and insights as a business
  • Data privacy for businesses
  • Making tax digital