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A suite of modules to help you stay safe online, protecting customers and our data, and enhance your skills.

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Main modules

Social Engineering Adobestock 176159275 3 1

Cyber security for business

This module covers

  • Why is it important to keep your business safe?
  • Threats to your business
  • Support from NCSC
  • Test your knowledge on 'Keeping your business safe online'
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Business data privacy

This module covers

  • GDPR & data privacy
  • Test your knowledge on business data privacy

Optional modules

Microsoft Teams

This module covers

  • Getting started
  • Video calls and instant messaging
  • Collaboration tools
  • Test your knowledge
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Microsoft PowerPoint

This module covers

  • Getting started
  • Inserting basic elements
  • Creating shapes to help design
  • Animations and transitions
  • Advanced features of PowerPoint
  • Test your knowledge on Microsoft PowerPoint
Introduction Adobestock 111553598

How to be productive working from home

This module covers

  • Being productive at work
  • Managing your time
  • Importance of reflection
  • Mastering productivity
  • Test your knowledge on 'Productivity'