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Getting started

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Starting on the internet

This chapter covers

  • Lets get connected
  • Connecting a device to the internet
  • Using the internet to stay connected
  • Earn your 'Starting out with the internet' badge
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Accessible Technology

This module covers

  • Helpful choices
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Making life easier online

This chapter covers

  • Online services for you
  • Renewing important documents
  • Online services for your home
  • News, Travel and Weather
  • Earn your 'Using digital options online' badge
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This chapter covers

  • What is email?
  • Writing, sending and receiving an email
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Exploring the Internet

This chapter covers

  • Internet browsers
  • Searching the internet
  • Completing online forms
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Saving money online

This module covers

  • Using the internet to save money
  • Being savvy while shopping online
  • Test your knowledge
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Online Shopping

This module covers

  • Getting started
  • Experiencing problems
  • Test your knowledge

Your safety online

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This chapter covers

  • Why are they important
  • Digital Eagles - Passwords
  • Creating a strong password
  • Keeping your password safe
  • Earn your 'Passwords' badge
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Data privacy

This chapter covers

  • Understanding data
  • How is data used
  • Controlling your data
  • Recovering a hacked account
  • Earn your "Data privacy and you" badge
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Digital footprint

This chapter covers

  • Your digital footprint
  • Taking control of your digital footprint
  • Earn your 'Digital footprint' badge
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Fraud and Scams

This module covers

  • Cyber crime
  • Types of scams
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Protecting your family

This module covers

  • Introduction
  • Online reputation
  • Social media
  • In-game purchases
  • Test your knowledge

Getting started with devices

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This chapter covers

  • Introduction
  • Moving around your phone
  • Adding personality and function
  • Google Play
  • Permissions and notifications
  • Settings and Accessibility
  • Google Assistant
  • Android storage solutions
  • Earn your 'Android' badge
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Using technology to keep you safe

This chapter covers

  • Using your smart phone
  • Sharing your location
  • Other ways a smart phone can help in an emergency
  • Using wearable technology to stay safe
  • Earn the 'Using technology to keep you safe' badge
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Keeping your computer safe

This chapter covers

  • Update, scan and secure
  • Firewalls
  • Anti-Virus
  • Browsing safely
  • Earn your 'Keeping computers safe' badge
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Protecting mobile devices

This chapter covers

  • Introduction
  • Lock
  • Update
  • Data
  • Preventing risks
  • Remote protection
  • Earn your 'Protecting your mobile device' badge

Money - Powered by Money Mentors

Bankfromhome Hands Mobile 16 9

The Barclays app

This module covers

  • Introducing the Barclays app
  • Navigating the Barclays app
  • Making payments
  • Managing your card
  • Making money work for you
  • Getting help

Explore Digital Wings to find out more

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Digital communication

This course covers

  • Communicating online
  • Social media
  • Messenger apps
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Digital office

This course covers

  • Keep yourself productive
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Digital skills

This course covers

  • Coding
  • Smartphone photography