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This learning has been designed to help you keep safe in a digital world. By completing this learning you will not only protect the company but will have a greater awareness around the risks out there.

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First steps to protecting yourself

Basics Of Browsing

The basics of browsing the internet

This module covers

  • Connecting to the internet
  • Navigating the internet
  • Accessing online services
Managing passwords

Managing passwords

This module covers

  • Why are passwords important
  • Keeping your passwords secure
  • Test your knowledge on managing passwords
Protecting Your Data

Protecting your data

This module covers

  • Understanding how data is used and collected
  • Staying in control of your data
  • Sharing data with others
  • Test your knowledge on protecting your data
Fraud And Scams

Fraud and Scams

This module covers

  • What is cybercrime?
  • Protecting yourself from common scams
Keeping Your Devices Safe

Keeping your device safe

This module covers

  • Keeping your computer safe
  • Protecting mobile devices
Using Technology To Keep You Safe

Using technology to keep you safe

This module covers

  • Using your devices
  • Apps that can help in an emergency
  • Test your knowledge on using technology to keep you safe

Next steps to protect us

Cyber Security For Business

Cyber security for business

This module covers

  • Why is it important to keep your business safe?
  • Threats to your business
  • Support from NCSC
  • Test your knowledge on 'Cyber security for business'
Business Data Privacy

Business data privacy

This module covers

  • GDPR & data privacy
  • Test your knowledge on business data privacy
Making Tax Digital

Making tax digital

This module covers

  • Making Tax Digital
  • Test your knowledge on making tax digital

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Office Skills

Digital office skills

This course covers

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Zoom
  • Staying productive working from home
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Social media training

This course covers

  • Digital Detox
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube
Keeping children safe online

Keeping children safe online

This course covers

  • What are children doing online?
  • Social media
  • Online gaming
  • Online education