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Below is our suite of learning ready for you to learn. Check back often as we'll be expanding the courses available. Each designed to take your digital knowledge to the next level.

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Getting started online

This topic covers

  • Starting out with the internet
  • Creating strong passwords
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Making use of the internet

This topic covers

  • Communicating online
  • Online Shopping
  • Socialising on social media
  • Using digital options online
  • Productivity
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Protecting yourself online

This topic covers

  • Keeping computers safe
  • Staying safe online
  • Protecting your mobile device
  • Keeping children safe online
  • Data privacy and you
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Making money work for you

This topic covers

  • Saving money online
  • Financial wellbeing
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Business in a digital age

This topic covers

  • Business data privacy
  • Business cyber fraud
  • Making tax digital
  • Making your business digital
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Learning a new skill

This topic covers

  • Coding
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