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older lady in a garden looking at something on her smartphone | Digital Wings how to keep passwords safe

How to keep your passwords safe

10 June 2022

Are you concerned about password security? Read our simple guide to learn how to create strong passwords and store them securely.

man and young girl watching a tablet together | Digital Wings blog | What is streaming

Beginner's guide to streaming

08 June 2022

Do you want to know more about streaming? Read our guide to learn what streaming is, how it works, what you need and how to improve your streaming experience.

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older man smiling looking at his smartphone | smartphone for a grandparent

What to look for in a smartphone for a grandparent or parent

01 June 2022

Do you need to know what to look for in a smartphone suitable for a senior? Read our guide to learn about important features and how to optimally configure smartphones for older users.

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Man sitting at a desk talking to his smartphone which is being held on a small tripod in front of him

Beginner’s guide to YouTube

16 May 2022

Do you want to know how to get started with YouTube? Read our simple guide to learn how to create your YouTube account and upload your first video.

Woman looking away from her computer looking thoughtful | How to stay focused when WFH

How to stay focused when you're WFH

16 May 2022

Are you struggling to remain focused when working from home? Read our simple guide to find out what you can do to overcome challenges and remain focused when WFH.

Man in a blue shirt using a laptop | Beginner's guide to using email

Beginner's guide to using email

16 May 2022

Do you need to understand how to use email? Read our simple guide to find what you need to know about setting up email accounts, email addresses and how to send an email message.

woman putting something in her smart fridge while a man at the table holds a bottle of milk | Digital Wings Blog | smart homes

What is a Smart Home?

12 May 2022

Are you considering making your home a smart home? Read our guide to learn what you need to know about smart home technologies, the associated pros and cons and how to set up your smart home.

Together with music and the digital eagles | Digital Wings blog

Together with Music and the Digital Eagles

12 April 2022

Together with Music in partnership with Barclays Digital Eagles is planning to roll out a programme of digital sessions for care home staff in order to enhance their digital knowledge and skillset whilst also helping them to engage more fully in the Together with Music programme and experience.

three people looking at a laptop in an office smiling | Ultimate guide to Essential digital skills| Digital Wings blog

Ultimate guide to: Essential digital skills

30 March 2022

Basic digital skills are now an essential part of our everyday lives. Learn more about Essential Digital Skills, what they are and how to develop them.

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Beginner's guide to: Online money management

23 March 2022

Money management and budgeting can be extremely challenging. Read our guide to learn more about how online money management can overcome challenges and improve financial health.

Man looking at his debit card sitting on a chair | Digital Wings | Safe online shopping

Beginner's guide to: Safe online shopping

23 March 2022

Remaining safe and secure when shopping online is a concern for many. Read our guide to learn what you can do to remain safe and secure when making online purchases.

woman writing notes on a pad of paper looking at her laptop | Keeping Safe Online - Ultimate Guide | Digital Wings

Ultimate guide to: Keeping safe online

16 March 2022

Remaining safe and secure when using the internet is essential but challenging. Read our guide to learn what you can do to protect yourself and remain safe.

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Digital Eagles | #BreakTheBias

08 March 2022

This year’s global International Women’s Day campaign theme is #BreakTheBias, it’s all about helping us create a world that’s diverse, equitable and free of discrimination.

Children in a row looking at their smartphones | Digital Wings keeping children safe online

Ultimate guide to: Keeping children safe online

04 March 2022

Keeping children safe and secure online is challenging. Read our guide to find some practical tips which you can use to keep kids safe.

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Guide to: Social media management for small businesses

01 March 2022

Social media management for small businesses is both challenging and rewarding. Read our guide to learn more about what's needed.

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People gathered around a table looking brainstorming with their digital devices | Digital business skills

Ultimate guide to: Digital business skills

18 February 2022

Digital business skills have become imperative for companies to survive in these challenging times. Read our guide to find out more about essential digital business skills.

children at their desks with devices | The Digital Classroom

Ultimate guide to: The digital classroom

14 February 2022

Digital tools are transforming the way in which teaching and learning is achieved. Read our guide to find out more about digital classroom technologies and virtual learning.

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Beginner's guide to: The pros and cons of wearable technology

09 February 2022

Developments in wearable technology are expanding adoption. In this guide we examine some of the primary pros and cons associated with wearable tech.

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What are digital leadership skills?

08 February 2022

With the rate of technological change showing no signs of slowing, digital leadership skills are becoming vital for managers of any workforce.

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Group of people around a table | Digital skills for the workplace

What is the digital skills gap?

03 February 2022

Digital skills are becoming integral for many of us in our work and personal lives. Learn more about the digital skills gap and what can be done to overcome it.

Man With Glasses Working On Coding Beginners Guide To Programming

Beginner's guide to: Programming

20 January 2022

Our digital world means there is a huge demand for programming and coding expertise. Read our guide to learn about programming, coding and the languages used for Artificial Intelligence.

Man Helping A Woman Digital Skills For Business

Ultimate guide to: Digital skills for the workplace

17 January 2022

We are living in an age of rapid change with a huge demand for workplace digital skills. Read our guide to learn more about essential digital skills that are highly valued.

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Safety tips for online banking

11 January 2022

Online banking is becoming more popular, so online banking safety is becoming more important. Find out how you can keep your online banking accounts safe.

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Student using his laptop to access the internet

Beginner's guide to: using the internet

05 January 2022

We now rely on the internet to provide a multitude of essential services. Read this guide to learn what the internet is and what it is used for.

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Digital skills for your CV

30 December 2021

Learn how to make your CV stand out with digital skills, from identifying what your digital skillset is, to presenting these on your CV to help you secure your next role.

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What are digital literacy skills?

21 December 2021

Digital literacy skills are vitally important for many aspects of everyday life. Learn what digital literacy skills are, what they are needed for, and why they matter.

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The future of online banking

15 December 2021

Find out how emerging technologies are shaping the banking industry and what this could mean for the future of online banking.

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Guide to managing personal finances online

12 December 2021

Whether you’re looking to get on track with saving, pay off debts or learn about budgeting, get started managing your personal finances online with our guide.

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Digital skills for the workplace

07 December 2021

Digital skills are now becoming a requirement for different types of jobs. Find out what the most in-demand digital skills for work currently are.

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Online banking fraud detection technology

03 December 2021

Online Banking Fraud is rising and as more criminals are using more sophisticated tools, it’s important for banks and payment providers to use fraud detection technology to combat this.

Blogger creating an online demonstration video

Building your web presence

29 November 2021

Whether you want to build your personal brand or level up your business’ online presence, read our guide to building and maintaining your online presence.

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Black Friday and beyond: A guide to grabbing an online bargain, safely

26 November 2021

Whilst the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a great opportunity for you to bag a bargain, unfortunately they create the perfect opportunity for fraudsters to target shoppers.

Young woman sat at a bus stop looking at her phone

Using your smartphone to keep you safe

24 November 2021

There’s lots of technology available to help you feel safer when you’re out, or at any time you’re on your own – and most of it can be accessed easily on your smartphone.

Man holding a laptop in front of some machinery.

Emerging digital skills

18 November 2021

Digital skills are constantly evolving, so how can we stay ahead of the curve? Learn about emerging skills that are set to shape the future of work.

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Scammers have met their match. It's you.

09 November 2021

Learn how to keep yourself safe with our fraud and scams virtual event.

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Using assistive technology in schools

29 October 2021

Find out about how assistive technologies are shaping and supporting learning experiences for students of all abilities in the classroom.

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Making a splash with ORCA

11 October 2021

The Digital Eagles teamed up with ORCA for a recent Code Playground project. Find out more about what ORCA do, and how you can get involved, in this guest blog.


Code Playground: from the beginning

10 September 2021

Code Playground, run by Barclays Digital Eagles, helps children learn the basics of coding.

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Back to school - Preparing for school, university or work

25 August 2021

No matter where your child is on their education journey, you can help them to be prepared through the use of technology.

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Guest blog: VEX Robotics

08 July 2021

Barclays Code Playground and VEX Robotics have been working together to create some new coding lessons. Find out how robotics and coding is helping children's learning in this guest blog.

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Digital Eagles and 50Connect

07 July 2021

We’ve partnered with 50Connect to help their members gain the digital skills they need to thrive.

Cubs In Helmets Chatting Jpg

Digital Eagles and The Scouts

17 June 2021

We’re working closely with The Scouts to help their adult volunteers deliver digital scouting.

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Guest Blog: White Rose Maths

22 April 2021

We're working with White Rose Maths to help bridge the learning gap that breaks in schooling have left, to make sure children have the skills they need to take on roles in the jobs of tomorrow.

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Guest Blog: Internet Matters

18 March 2021

Internet Matters have joined forces with the Digital Eagles, read how we plan to work together in their first Digital Wings guest blog.

Teaching Grandchild 3 1

Talking to your child about online safety

09 February 2021

The Digital Eagles share some of our tips for having conversations with children about how to stay safe online and avoid fake news.

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It doesn't 'pay' to be a money mule

02 December 2020

The number of under 21s being recruited by criminals has more than tripled

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Beware - fraudsters love Black Friday

24 November 2020

Tech and trainers revealed as the most commonly scammed items