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What we offer

Our goal is to help carers and healthcare professionals work more efficiently, so they can save money and spend more time caring for residents.

We’ll help build your team’s digital skills and show them how to access healthcare appointments online, stay connected to friends and family and stay safe online. We offer bespoke content alongside our connections in NHSX to help you and your team:

  • Implement Proxy Access Support, enabling care home staff to order medication and access information in the GP record for residents in their care.
  • Register and use the data security and protection toolkit.

Ways we can support staff development and training in health and social care

Digital sessions

Our sessions cover topics like the basics of the internet, staying safe online and using technology to stay in touch with the people you love.

Digital Wings

Learn at your own pace and boost your digital know-how with our accredited learning platform.

Digital Champions

Our Digital Champion programme is designed for volunteers, employees and trusted members of the community who want to support the people around them to develop essential digital skills.

Digital transformation

These sessions are designed to help leaders think differently about the ways being more digital can benefit their organisation.

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Meet the team


Mark leads the health and social care team and says this role is the most rewarding of his career so far. He’s worked for Barclays for over 11 years and has been with the Digital Eagles since 2018.

Mark became a Digital Eagle because he wanted to help people build their digital skills. He enjoys helping people in need to thrive, especially in the fast-paced digital world. He says his top skill is building relationships, because he enjoys chatting to people and keeping up to date with their progress.


Tracy thinks her job is brilliant. She spends her days teaching people new things about the digital world and believes digital literacy can change someone’s life for the better. She loves to hear the words: “I didn’t know that; that’s really good to know.”

I’m so proud to be making a difference every day by helping people become more digitally confident through our digital upskill sessions.


Sam works to help make sure all health care organisations and their employees know how to get the most out of the digital world and stay safe online.

He became a Digital Eagle because he loves to help people, and helping people who feel like they might be falling behind in the digital world felt like a really good opportunity to be involved with.