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What are Barclays Digital Champions?

Our ambition is to help people improve their digital skills; particularly those who are vulnerable, digitally excluded, or at risk of being left behind.

Our Digital Champion programme is designed for volunteers, employees and trusted members of the community who want to support the people around them to develop essential digital skills.

By working together, we can help more people develop the digital skills they need to thrive.

This programme uses virtual sessions alongside self-guided learning on Digital Wings to create an environment to share and help others develop their digital skills.

The approach

Steps 1 to 5


Getting to know you

What do you want to learn?

Sharing your knowledge

Practice makes perfect

Sharing success

This interactive virtual session will provide the opportunity for us to get to know each other, and build the trust and engagement needed to get the best from the programme.

Next, you’ll  choose the topics you feel are most important. We cover topics on anything from internet basics to artificial intelligence. Then, we’ll work with you to decide which topics you’d like delivered as virtual sessions and which learners can do independently.

Our experienced trainers will share their tips and guidance to show your Digital Champions how they can share their knowledge with others.

Your Digital Champions are now ready to practice until they feel confident enough to teach people the valuable new digital skills they’ve learned.

At the end of the programme we’ll get your group of Digital Champions back together to share their experiences. We’ll talk about what’s working well, where extra support is needed and their plans to share their knowledge.

What to expect from our Digital Champions programme

You’ll be able to let us know what you think of our sessions using NPS surveys.

Our Digital Champions programme is free, all we ask is that you:

  • Encourage Digital Champions to share Digital Wings in your community
  • Share case studies with us to highlight how digital skills are making a difference
  • Share the number of people Digital Champions have been able to help
  • Join us for regular check-ins, so we can review data points together.

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