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Starting out with the internet

For many people, the internet is part of everyday life; over 1 billion people use the internet every day. But, how does it work? And how do you make the most of it?

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Protecting your mobile device

Many of us rely heavily on our mobile devices and tablet to keeps us on track for important appointments, store personal information and keep up to date with our finances. But how safe is all of that if our mobile device falls into the wrong hands?

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Creating strong passwords

Passwords are important to keep your accounts and personal details protected. Find out how to create a strong password as a first line of defense against cyber criminals.

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Whether you’re just discovering the basics, looking to learn more about new trends, or even get into coding, our ever-evolving suite of learning will keep you up to speed. Our tutorials, videos, games and quizzes are all designed to boost your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

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Fighting back against fraud and scams

Digital Eagles are working with the City of London Police to share awareness of the latest fraud and scams.

Coming soon are a series of videos giving you an insight into the tactics used by fraudsters and how you can protect yourself against them, watch the first video of the series below.

How to protect yourself against impersonation scams